Things (I Learned and Am Thankful of) in my 20s 

I have friends who are in different stages of life. When I meet relatives, friends or colleagues who hit milestones like their 40th or 50th birthday, I often ask them what was the biggest learning they had for the last five or ten years. And I get insightful, amazing answers! Some are things I have not thought before (which I am planning to share in a different post in the future).
I am also close to some people who are in their 20s. I love my 20s! I can say that I am grateful for that decade in my life. I have a fair shaw of stories to tell, travel memories to keep, accomplishments I added in my resume. 
I was also asked several times before about things I am grateful for in my twenties. And I should say a looot! I did not like to leave my teens but I did not know that stepping on my 20s means opening of a lot of doors for me! 
1. My first job..why it is okay if it is not connected with my course. 
Thankfully, I graduated on my expected year so I graduated a month before I turned 20. But, I got my first job months after. Signing a job offer makes me soooo proud of myself. My parents did not allow me to work during college as I already has extra curricular activities going on so I might lose focus in studying. So, when I landed on my first job, I was reaaaallly excited! It was for a BPO company and I am proud of if. Met a lot of accomplished people and newbies at work like me.
My first job was not really connected with my course. I learned that it is okay. But, I took it because I saw it as both opportunity and a challenge. Early on, I know the work experience will help me jumpstart a meaningful professional career. I can attest to that right now.

2. To explore more and travel more.
Yay! I was finally allowed to travel on my own. I fell in love with travelling EVEN MORE! In fact, I have learned to prioritize travelling over shopping haha. I am grateful for growing up knowing that experiential pleasures are better than material ones. 
Travel became the reward to myself, the means to enjoy quality time with my family and friends, helped overcome heartbreaks (ooh which I can add as an item here lol), opened me to more discoveries etc.

3. Overcoming heartbreaks a woman. Naks! I learned how to move on from things not meant to be, relationships and friendships which became distant, and toxic things. The stubborness I got from my teenage years just did not work. I had to learn and thankfully had realizations about myself and how give love and respect to the best person in the world who needs it..myself. 🙂 How can I Iove and respect others if I am not giving it to myself first. 
The learning and the experience after moving on is just amazing. Friends noticed how my character was built and how I love life even more. As I said, I fell in love with travelling. I set time to enjoy doing personal projects for my passions and interests and exploring new things. I also learned how to value the real people who will stick with me no matter what.

4. Giving back to my parents and family will always be one of the best things to do.
In my early twenties, I really had the pleasure of treating my parents because they very much deserve it. I love that I occassionally treat them my brothers and my Aunt, who is living with us ever since, because it gives me that happy feeling of doing so. 
I am grateful that my dream of treating my parents for a trip locally and abroad came true. It was just in my bucketlist when I was a student. It just started with a trip to Singapore and we spent our Christmas there. It is nothing compared to all the sacrifices they made when we were studying. It is also something that I got from them.

5. Independence.
I can say that I am really a dependent person. But, I know that I have to learn things on my own. After graduation, I was given freedom to do what I want with the reminder that I am already responsible for my actions and its consequences.
I had a job on a night shift which required me to live in a condo with close friends. I experienced being alone one time and became sick with chills and all. Then, it dawned on me what independent life is. I had to take care of myself for a few hours until my roomies arrive. But, the next day I also went home to parents. Haha! Still, I was able to feel the difference. My family also migrated and it was a big adjustment for me given that we are closely knit. I had to take care of some stuff here which were all new to me. Say hi to adulthood. Haha.

7. Met and got married to my life partner.
The married part is just one month before my thirties haha. But, yeah grateful of my twenties for this. I actually never thought I will marry before 30. I was giving myself until 35 to wait for my significant other haha. But, he came a decade before. And ofcourse, I was not ready to settle down at once. 

It took 5 years to finally decide. And I am glad we took time.. and I took time knowing what I really want, what my limits are, thinking if it is something I can really give a lifetime commitment to.
There are many other achievements, bucketlist items ticked, goals reached small or big during my twenties. But, I can sum it up like I did above. Grateful for my 20ish. But did not know 30s is as exciting and more. Grateful for my 20s. But, did not know 30s is as exciting and more. 


  • Carola

    May 31, 2017 at 12:38 pm Reply

    Great list! Independence was a big one for as well! I really loved getting independent. And growing in my job. But I also loved the development of the ability to let go. To follow my on heart and dreams. And do what I want.

  • Milton Coyne

    June 1, 2017 at 4:43 am Reply

    I’m now 28 so it’s still safe to say that I am still in my 20s haha.. I have also many wonderful experiences in my 20s.. some memories I will treasure forever and some experiences that I will definitely share with my kids in the near future… although there were also some unwanted memories but I think it is part of my journey that taught me so many things and brought me to where I am now! So yeah, like you, i am also thankful for everything I have experienced with my 20s! Cheers!

  • Teresa Dumadag

    June 1, 2017 at 9:29 am Reply

    I loved my 20s also! There were so many firsts! First job, first salary, first travel opportunity by plane and first travel opportunity abroad! Congratulations on your achievements!

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