Singapore is still one of my favorite countries in Asia. I have not seen the whole Asia yet. I have been to around ten and I still keep coming back to Singapore

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
“The story of Singapore is rich with twists, turns and triumphs” as stated in Singapore’s travel website: . Truly, this independent and progressive country is rich in history and culture.

This is some sort of a “throwback” post from just a few months ago about my visit to the Lion City.

Our Swissotel Merchant Court room overlooking Clarke Quay

We have stayed at two Swissotel Hotels. Thank you to my cousin as she was able to book our hotels with discounts! Wee!😀 We stayed at Swissotel Merchant Court located near Clarke Quay and Singapore River. I love the quaint, vintage architecture of the hotel! When we arrived, some of the portions of the building were being constructed. But, we were informed ahead of time. The attendants and receptionists were so helpful and courteous. We were accommodated at a Premiere Room (corner room) with a balcony overlooking the pool and Clarke Quay. Happily, we were given one of the newly renovated rooms. The view is just perfect for a vacation vibe. The bathroom is very spacious, clean, and has elegant interiors.

For the Breakfast Buffet at Swissotel Merchant Court
Our stay at Swissotel Merchant Court comes with breakfast. There are variety of choices for breakfast – Asian, Continental etc. We all love the food! Glad that our cousin booked us at hotels near the city.

Quay Isle where a lot of restaurants like Kith can take you to a gastronomic fun

Our cousin Em and her fiancé Jeremy  are one of the best tour guides in SG! They bring us to unique and not so ‘touristey’ places. During this vacation, they brought us to Sentosa Cove’s Quayside Isle which is a place for gastronomic adventure with a wide array of coffee shops and restaurants. We decided to have lunch at Kith.

MBS Shoppes

We also went to the Night Safari. Our first time. It is a bit far from the city though. But, we loved the tour which takes around two (2) hours. Ticket is at around 59 sgd. 

How can we skip Universal Studios Singapore?! There are new rides. But, I came back for the Transformers ride! We tried getting the express pass access ffor additional 50 sgd for all the rides; ticket total is 126 sgd) this time which is our first time. So, we have saved a lot of time by having a special queue! Imagine riding the Transformer ride for five times! I think it was worth it. Tip: go to USS on a weekday if you have a choice as there is usually lesser people on weekdays.

Puss in Boots at USS
For the latter part of our vacation, we stayed at Swissotel Stamford. This hotel is strategically located at the heart of the city with easy access to City Hall station MRT. It is also one of the tallest buildings in Singapore. It is also right beside Raffles City Mall. Tip: Try Sushi Tei (found in this mall) – food is yum!  I can say that the hotel is perfect for both business and pleasure because of the location. Our room gives a nice view of the Singapore flyer and the city.

View from Swissotel Stamford

There’s a lot more to do in Singapore depending on the type of vacation and purpose of visit.One can have sidetrips to nearby towns, cities, and countries too. We did go to nearby Johor Bahru during this trip. But, will save that for a different post 🙂

Have you gone to Singapore or planning to do so? What is in your itinerary? Share it below. 


  • MumsDailyPh

    February 6, 2017 at 9:47 am Reply

    We’ve been to Singapore 6 years ago, i think. And we had a great time exploring the clean city. I always admire the clean pavements and the overall organization of the city. Our hotel doesn’t seem to be that good that time. My bad because i wasn’t able to plan it ahead very well. We’ve been meaning to visit Singapore again with my parents and in laws and i hope we can find time and resources soon!

  • Mirriam

    February 6, 2017 at 12:04 pm Reply

    I’ve been planning to go to Singapore but I want to visit it with friends. Apart from USS (of course), I think we’ll also enjoy the Night Safari. It sounds and looks interesting and very far from the norm. How many days do I need to really appreciate the country? 😊

    • TheWonderfulKind

      February 7, 2017 at 1:32 am Reply

      In can say 5 days 4 nights to go around and get a glimpse of Singapore culture

  • Nadine Smith (Scenes From Nadine)

    February 6, 2017 at 5:57 pm Reply

    Aww I miss Singapore! The last time I visited, it was for work and I was only there for 3 days so I didn’t really get to do any sightseeing. I did visit Marina Bay Sands though, and it was so gorgeous! I really liked that gondola in the middle of the mall. Reminded me so much of the Venetian Macau, where I worked as a gondolier! Haha! Your hotel looks really nice too! 🙂 And your food photos are appetizing, especially that salad with the burrata!

  • Tescha Chetty

    February 6, 2017 at 8:16 pm Reply

    Wow, your food photos looks amazing. Its always a great feeling when the hotel staff treats you well. You are so fortunate to get a room with such awesome views. I have not visited Singapore as yet but it is def on my bucket list 🙂

  • Kcalpesh Ajugia

    February 7, 2017 at 3:43 am Reply

    Haven’t planned singapore yet but I guess I too would want to follow a similar itenirary as yours. Away from the main city, I guess my family and I would definitely want to go for the night safari. Also, regarding the hotel, you mentioned that the staff was courteous. I feel that makes a stay at hotel, all the more comfortable. We recently visited one of the very popular hotels here in India. It’s a five star but the staff was very very professional. Although helpful and all but some sort of that personal connect has to be there. We found that missing. I hope that’s not the case in any of those swissotel hotels.

  • Veeyah | The Indy Miss

    February 7, 2017 at 5:58 am Reply

    Oh my gosh! Seems like an extra fun trip with dedicated tourist guides-slash-family to show you around! I’ve been outside Asia, but have never been to Singapore! My dad’s been there for business, and he’s praised Singapore for being clean and very organized, especially with public transport. 🙂

  • Cassey Yong

    February 7, 2017 at 8:48 am Reply

    I have been to the many places you listed in this post. My aunt stays there with her family. They even have discounted rates for Malaysian the last time we went in Night Safari and USS. Or those who goes through NS, they have their card for discount for USS. You can check with your cousin in future =). This post makes me feel like going back to singpore to have fun.

  • Bea

    February 7, 2017 at 9:40 am Reply

    I’m going to Singapore in August and your post makes me excited to go back!!! I also wanted to explore the less touristy places! That puss in boots giant journey is a new ride. never saw that before! Did you ride it? Is it challenging or for kids? I remembered how Singapore has always been my favorite Asian city but when I saw Tokyo last year I got a change of heart.

    • TheWonderfulKind

      February 7, 2017 at 11:57 am Reply

      Yes! It’s a new ride. Not too extreme as it is okay for kids. But, it ks a fun ride! Singapore is my favorite. But, people have been telling me that Japan might change my heart hahaha. SG will always be special anyways. Lol

  • Maaya Legaspi

    February 7, 2017 at 1:03 pm Reply

    This post makes me want to go to SG now! I haven’t been there because I think Singapore is not the country you should go to when you want to travel with small budget.. like I mean just look around.. There are a lot of things to do. I might be saving this country for the last one on my south east asia list. from world known restos to theme parks.. ahhh.. Singapore is just really amazing.

  • Me-An Clemente

    February 8, 2017 at 2:14 am Reply

    It has been a long time since I had been to Singapore. I’ve seen it still progressing and seen it with and without Universal Studios Singapore. What I’ve observed is that they never run out of interesting attractions for people who are not into cultural sights. For instance, their Science museum is awesome that it can be a theme park like itself. Anyway, I’m glad you had fun in your Singapore trip.

  • Gessa Co

    February 11, 2017 at 10:00 am Reply

    I have never been in Singapore but sure that I have heard so many things about the place. Well, who else doesn’t know about it? Hailed as one of the progressive countries in Asia, I am sure no one has no idea about Singapore at all. Anyhow, I love the places you’ve featured, it sure is one of the must see things! Oh how I wish traveling to other countries is that easy. **envy here** (cries)

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