The Boy In The Train

I was assigned to share a motivational or inspirational story at work. So I thought first of a theme different from what was recently shared by my colleagues. I came across a story from Moral Stories (article : ) and thought it is good to share:

 Photo credit : Here it goes:

A father and son were traveling by train. Boy was 24years old. The boy was really excited and was looking out of window.

Suddenly he shouted, “Dad look trees are going behind..”

His dad smiled. There was a young couple sitting near by them. When they saw the childish behavior of boy they felt weird with pity for boy.


Suddenly boy again exclaimed, “Dad look outside, Clouds are running with us.”

Now seeing this again the couple couldn’t resist and said to old man, “Why don’t you take your son to Doctor?”

Old man understood and just smiled and said, “I did. We are just coming back from hospital. My son was blind from birth and there at hospital he had operation. He just got his Eyes and now we are going back to home.” 

Lesson :  Don’t judge people before truly knowing them because everyone has a story and sometimes truth might surprise you.

My takeaway after reading this is that we sometimes assume things being said and done or even things we saw or heard without knowing the whole story. It is best to directly and politely ask, inquire, or communicate with the people involved instead of assuming that our interpretation of something is what it is actually is. I felt that it is but timely to be reminded of things like this. Remember be kind first. Remember that everyone has their own story. Things may not be the way we though it is. 



I have always have these “personal projects” from time to time. I have them “on the side” of my student life before and I also have those from time to time now that I am adulting. More recently, “passion project” became a popular term. The website defines it as :A passion project is something you work on (often outside of your chosen career path) that gives you satisfaction, happiness and puts you into a state of flow. It’s what you do to escape it all. Its your tiny (or huge) contribution to the world.

Thanks to (IG: originsph, simplemamaph, gratefuljarph) Photo by Myra Ho

If you ask me, I have many! Yup, many passion projects in mind. But, one thing I wanted to pursue is to go back to blogging. Hence, this blog.I asked a friend if she knows someone who is willing to teach me so I can improve my skills as a blogger. She referredme to Maggie of #littlewhiskph and Mommy Maggie Musings. However, she said that she felt I should be following one of her “mentors” and referred me to Martine De Luna’s blog : Make It Blissful .

My yummy Crepe by La Creperie and Notebook by Wishlist Studio
As I was stalking Martine’s blog, I came accross this workshop that says : #GetBlisstified. It is a workshop facilitated by Martine and life coach Kimi Lu on personal branding, coaching, and pursuing your passion project. And I just knew I had to register. When I saw that I am free on the date of September 3, I texted my husband telling him I will attend the workshop and I really feel that I need to. The date came and I was ready to get blisstified. I even tagged along my friend Lish (the same friend I mentioned earlier). She was free that day so the two fabulous wives (thats us! lol) went for a Saturdate with twenty other ladies with different but all equally inspiring passion projects.

Me! Photo by Myra Ho
The  bonus? We get to have the facilitators’ guidance for one whole year! You got that right, one year with these mentors and 21 passionate and dynamic ladies. I highly recommend this workshop if there will be a repeat just like on Sept 28! How can I forget that aside from the coaching and learning, we got some freebies and good food from La Creperie 🙂  Contact 0917 493 0733 if your interested to join the next run to be held at Earth Kitchen BGC.


Blisstified! Photo by Myra Ho