IWD Series : Everyday Makeup Basics and String Art

As the third and fourth installment of our International Women’s Day/Month series of activities/self-organized events with officemates, we learned how to understand Everyday Make Up Basics courtesy of Joyce. Then, we also learned some String Art techniques by Ian and Shirley.

Everyday Makeup

Just learned I got hooded eyes lol

I personally learned a lot of tips during this session. I am not a make up person. But, I would like to learn how to do just the basic makeup techniques for everyday use and (finally) apply it. I have attended several sessions before but there were new techniques taught during this session especially the tips on face shape and eye shape. I also love the eyebrow techniques because I really do not know how to shape my own! Our teacher was also generous enough to give us free kikay tools for our brows.

Our pretty teacher Joyce

Kilay is Life

String Art
H of my Home

The first time I heard about string art, I really do not know how it is being done.

So, when I googled what to expect, I got overwhelmed with the designs! Lol. But, I got excited to attend as I would love to give it a try even I am with my not so artsy self. And I am glad I did! I was amazed by the talent of our facilitators (who just learned the craft through Pinterest) and the talents of my office friends as well. I never thought I could try making one. We used pins and styro materials instead of the actual nails and wood. But, at least we know how it is do the string art. I noticed it is better to use bright colors for better results. It is also more challenging to use cursive words as pattern but my companions are just talented. Look at Maricel’s “work of love” (photo below). 
Happy to share these in my post. I set up this blog to really document and share experiences of a working woman (with a dayjob) and how she still values outside work liketravels, quality time with family and friends, and even passions such as these. I have always believed that it is important as a woman to continuously improve and celebrate her individuality and enjoy life despite the many roles she has.

What else can my friends and I share and learn as new skills or passions? 🙂 

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