Teacher for a Day

So I fulfilled one of my childhood dreams today.. to be a teacher! LSGH invited my husband and I to be speakers. I am soo proud that we were able to experience it for the kids. Sam was very proud too, I think lol! A story of taking an off from a day job to experience an academe type of work, yay! 

Of Homemade Burgers and Personal Projects

I have not blogged for a while so sorry for that especially when I got giddy to learn that there are readers from as far as Ireland who reads my personal and sometimes random musings. I have been busy with my new role at work – I am totally happy with it but is still adjusting. But, finally my random post on some baby personal projects is here. 

So we spent a chill Saturday night at home. My husband promised to make some “special” burgers for dinner. We have been dining out for most part of our week for several months now. And just this year, I committed to cut down again on restaurant food and incidentally expenses too (not necessarily food related) haha! So more relaxed nights at home will help me do that. Disclaimer: I am still taking baby steps so operative word is cut down 😆. The husband is also riding on this journey. So going back – the promised burger was better than the American diners’ burgers in town! Lol. I thought of quickly sharing the diy burger in this post squeezed in my random thoughts. Wow, me posting a recipe post?! Haha! Nah, not really. I do not know how to cook (frying not included haha). So, for people close to me I bet they will have some bubble thoughts in there heads saying – really?! sharing a post on a homemade burger? Haha!  

Well, I am not going to really share the recipe of the burger patties itself since according to my husband it is made from secret recipes haha. You know, just in case he revives his food business. Wink,wink. But, just the steps on how he prepared it:

He just fried the homemade patties (yay!less processed);

Put on sliced cheese (can be feta for ahealthier choice)on top of the patties when the patties are almost cooked;

For the preparation of the buns – spread some cheese and toasted it while waiting for the patties to be cooked.

Then, before closing the bun with patties to make it a sandwich, put in some lettuce, condiments like mayo, ketchuo ( if you wish like organic, less sugar ketchup) and can add some tomatoes too.

His effort to make the burger so flavorful without buying the frozen patties in supermarkets and make it similar to our favorite burger joints made my heart melt. Aww. Haha. It was a simple dinner at home but it reminded me of the baby steps I am trying to do for my lil personal projects on cutting down expenses like dining out and on choosing fresher food. I still eat some instantly prepped meals when I am out but I am consciously cutting it for now. 

The reason I am sharing this random thought is also for accountability on my lil personal commitments/projects/goals. I What other personal projects do you have? But, the personal projects financial and also physical health, I shared earlier will do for now. It’s already September and I want to do something about it. 

Making Hassle Free Gift Giving with GC Regalo!

Ever since I started working and earning, I love to think of different ways how to give gifts on different occassions to the special people in my life.
I also love the idea of giving experiential gifts. I equally appreciate and am equally thankful on all the gifts I receive even just a greeting card – cause it is really the thought that counts. But, if my husband asks me about what I want on my birthday or anniversary, aside from telling him its up to him I’d never say a material thing if he really squeezed me into saying something. He knows I’ll choose a getaway over a designer bag or a special dish cooked by him over expensive flowers. Whenever someone will give me something I can use to explore, learn, travel, or pamper, I feel that the person really knows me! I get giddy. So, I also think the same way when I am the giver. Hehe. There is something about experiential stuff that is priceless. 

Now that I am married, my husband and I also give each other more practical things – things we can actually use..like things we can use at home, work, self care etc. I remember having a special reward scheme at work before, wherein we were rewarded certain points for every specified recognition or commendation we receive at work. These points can then be converted to certain reward items in a catalogue and are usually in a form of Gift Certificates or Vouchers. I used some to purchase gifts for my loved ones like dining out, a quick day tour, or even massage treats and appliances. 

Sodexo Premium Pass

This made me realize that aside from experiential things, giving gifts that people can actually use and – most of the time still experiential in some sense, is also a good idea in gift giving. One of my favorite “rewards” in the choices or categories indicated are the GCs – Sodexo Gift Certificates, Sodexo Premium Passes, and SM Gift Certificates to be exact! So, that gave me the gifting idea of giving Gift Certificates/Cheques on occassions including Monito, Monita (exchange gifts during Christmas). It is because I am sure that the recipient will be happy and will use it for something they need or want with the experience that they will actually have choose where to use it.  

SM Gift Pass

Did you know that Sodexo GCs have a lot partner merchants?! And yes, aside from being a practical choice with merchant partners like supermarkets, food and restaurant, and clothing categories, they have also partnered with travel, leisure, and wellness merchants to cater to the more experiential type of gift giving I am fond of. Yes! Gifts on staycation, vacation, day tour is actually possible by buying Sodexo GCs which I love! 

Now, that it’s just one month away before “Christmas” or the “ber” months😄..hope this will come in handy and will help you on deciding what to give your favorite people.

For more information on Gift Certificates/Gift Checks as perfect ideas for gift giving you may check: GC Regalo 🙂