My colleagues and I chanced upon the Philippine School for Interior Design (PSID) exhibit last week. With the theme for the year’s exhibit as #PSIDGold, the students and professionals presented various of designs with “golden touch” as showcased in the different booths in the exhibit. 
Some of my favorites were :
1. Neo Archipelago, which showcased a modern luxurious resort style bathroom featuring touches of Philippine culture. Ahhh, if only I can have it in my home! 

2. I also loved the Contemporary Neoclassic room which I basically claimed as my future “work from home” room haha! The room looks like a cozy working room of Miranda Priestly! 

3. And I just met my dream entertainment room through the Modern Art Deco booth. The Great Gatsby-ish glam of the room is neutralized by the functionality of its elements for that homey-and-cozy movie nights at home feeling. 

There are a lot more to see and experience in the exhibit! 

Just also wanted to share that this blog is about inspirations and pursuing of passions especially for working women (and even men). I have met working women in this exhibit who, despite the corporate jobs they have, decided to study Interior Design and fulfill a lifelong dream! 
Catch the PSID exhbit at the Uptown Mall in Taguig until October 31. Admission. is Free! 

Boracay Celebrations 

A couple of weeks ago, we attended the destination wedding of one of my favorite cousins in one of my favorite islands..Boracay.  When they got engaged two years ago, they knew they had to get married at the beautiful island.

So, our family went and celebrated the union for a few days. I also celebrated my pre-birthday here! Since it is a time Ill be off from work and a quality time with Dad who is going back to YVR after a week.

So happy to see people from Canada, Manila, and Singapore gather for our favorite Singaporean couple. The couple had surprised us with a welcome pack containing a welcome letter and some beach goodies.

I missed the island! Last went here in 2014 after our own wedding. My cousin’s wedding just added a reason why I love Boracay. I love it for so many sentimental reasons. 😜

It is actually my first time to attend a beach wedding (yeah I just realized that). We had wedding rehearsals organized by their wedding coordinator, which was so fun because I almost know everyone invited lol. I was telling my husband that if we got married again we might choose a more intimate celebration haha. 

Chilling with the cousins while waiting for the wedding rehearsals at Discovery Shores

We, ofcourse, prepared for a surprise bridal shower for the bride held at their suite. 

Come the wedding day, we gathered to the venue for preparations and the celebration dubbed as #yeoletgetmarried by a brilliant mind (ehem ehem your truly lol) 

The ambience just fit the love vibes in the air. 

DIY by the Father of the bride. Amazing Seatplan Idea.

Congratulations to the newlyweds- my cousin Em and my new cousin because of this union Jeremy! Thank you for making us part of one of the most fun weddings ever! 

Coldplay: AHFOD World Tour

I am not the type who would go with the hype..even in just trying new restaurants or even something like watching artists live just because people make it a big deal. I am also a bit kuripot when buying concert tickets unless I really love the artist and I know it’ll be worth it.

Then came the announcement through that “faster-by-second-per-city” clip via Coldplay’s page showing Manila as one of the stops for their “A Head Full of Dreams (AHFOD)” Tour made me giddy.. well my husband more giddy! Haha! My heart skipped a bit..Coldplay’s Yellow was part of my teenage memory and anthem which is, for me,already enough reason to go and watch.. until I have to think twice of the price, haha.

I started researching and learned that there are other venues (countries) for the band’s Asia leg with cheaper price. We considered Taiwan since it’s also on our vacation list. But, saw an opportunity to go back to one of my favorite cities to get a sure ticket and include a trip too! Thanks to my lucky preggy friend Ave and her fast fingers.. tadah! We have tickets for #ColdplaySingapore! We just really took our chances in booking. VIP tix were not available when we booked though but the next ticket type is already good for us as our back up plan and decide to go for it should there be a chance to grab it. So we did!

I was not expecting to tick of Coldplay in my concert list this month or even year! So thankful to God for having me experience this. And to my husband for making budget for our concert date hihi.


National Stadium in Singapore is huge!!
My Coldplay Date 🙂

It was an experience of a lifetime. Maybe that is the reason I was not really thinking of the concert too much days before so I wont grt distracted at work lol. Although, Yellow and Fix You are my favorites (which isnt surprising). I must admit I became an official fan of the band as a whole, prolly only this decade. But, my admiration went really solid and did not expect for the concert to give us goosies! It only took for the first two songs to give that wow feeling.

Was it really worth it? Well what  I really loved was how the band and the people behind the production made sure the concert was to be so engaging and very experiential as possible! From the xylobands, to the videos,the substantial mini parts of the production, to the live energy of Chris Martin and the band.. I would say yes! Two weeks after kicking off their world tour in the Lion City, the band is still on their AHFOD tour and is currently in South Korea as of this writing.

Chris Martin with his message on sending Love to the World – one of my favorite parts with all thats happening right now