Born in the 80s; Grew up in the 90s 

I am proud to be born in the 80s! After all, we are the millenials. Yep, you can google that some say the millennial group are those who were born starting in the 80s. So in Tagalog, “uy, pasok pa ko dun! ” (Im still included) haha! 

I am grateful for having a happy childhood. 

After all, they say it is the most importat phase in Developmental Psychology. So, it will be one of my great blessings I can say. My mom was a bit overprotective but my dad was the one who let us experience things, so we have to learn first hand.

I am grateful to have cool cousins and friendly neighbors of my age that after school I have this playing hour (or hours) to enjoy Patintero, Taguan (Hide and Seek), and other games we used to play in the streets. I am not the sporty type but I love to play Touching ball or otherwise known as Dodge ball. Who can forget the other Filipino games like Tumbang Preso and Luksong Baka?! Hahaha!

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My brother, who is four years younger than me, was the adventurous one. He would tag me along we can stay longer outside the house to play. 

To the kids of the 90s, do you still remember the fruit called Aratilis? The one we used to get at our neighbors’ who have the tree. We did not even think if the fruit is poisonous or what. Haha, but it tastes good! 

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“We do not have Facebook back then, what we have was a Slambook” one of closest friends said. And I was like “yes!”. The book where you say that “Love is blind” or your favorite food was “too many to mention”. Right??!?!
And TV Shows! Who can forget about Shaider (and Annie with the mini skirt haha!), Masked Rider Black, and Bioman? My husband was telling me that he watchedall these haha. Well, my my brother Sed did too. How about Macgyver?!  The most resourceful and macho guy on tv then,lol.

As a kid, I also loved Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley books. Long before Twilight, Harry Potter etc, I go to bookstores for Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield haha. Anyone who can relate?!

Another friend of mine reminded me that cassette tapes was our Spotify back then! Who would not agree? I remember getting my first cassette purchases which were “Circus” of Eraserheads and “Spice” of the Spicegirls. Bwahaha! I do not have a cassette tape of the Backstreet Boys though. BUT, there was a time that our school bus driver plays them almost every single day and we find it cool haha.Boy, did you realize that was two decades ago! 

These are only some fond memories of my first decade in life. I forever bring these for reminiscing and conversations in the office, during meet ups and even casual exchange of stories at get togethers hehe. It’s good to’flashback’ right? Ooh nostalgia! There is more to that “Wayback Wednesday” or “Flashback Friday” or “Throwback Thursday” when I remember these years.

Are you also the so called “Batang 90s” in Filipino? Born in the 80s and Raised in the 90s? Let me know your fondest memories by commenting below or by sharing your response via the social media contest! I am sure you’ve got tons of it! 
Who knows you might be the lucky winner of something thats making a comeback 🙂

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  • Gryselle Mae C

    January 14, 2017 at 8:24 pm Reply

    I wasn’t allowed to get out of the house by myself when I was a child. My family was pretty well off. They wouldn’t let me play with the neighbors, let alone buy candy from the sari-sari store opposite our house. I never got to experience playing patindero or luksung baka with the neighbors, but I always see them doing along the sidewalk. Ah, I remember envying their freedom.

    Oh, I remember slam books! Haha. And FLAMES too! Friends, Lover, A (?), M (?), Enemy, Sweetheart. I already forgot what A and M means. Those were the happy times. I used to play FLAMES with my classmates during recess. 😉

    Btw, I’m not joining the contest. 😀

  • ROBERT LEE | Amazing Life Daily

    January 16, 2017 at 1:36 pm Reply

    Yes, you were born in the 80s, because only those born in the 80s have to listen to the Spice Girls. BUT, we who lived in the 80s are different. It was in the 80s that new wave became a genre. LOL. I think 80s music beat the 90s easily. But sadly, we are older too.

    Best of luck to everyone who joins the contest. Who knows… you could end up winning … a modern day version of the Family Computer. Dang! We used to have that too!

  • Alaine

    January 16, 2017 at 2:28 pm Reply

    I was born in 1984 and I adore Spice Girls. LOL! I used to play chinese garter and patintero with my cousins during summer time. There are a lot of TV shows back in the 90’s that I really wish will have a rerun or even a remake. I would love to have a family computer again.

  • Kcalpesh Ajugia

    January 16, 2017 at 5:23 pm Reply

    Wish I could have participated 🙁 The FC compact is kind of a game machine that refreshed so many of my childhood memories. Wow.

  • Bhushavali

    January 16, 2017 at 8:03 pm Reply

    Same pinch!!! Me too… I’m a millenial too born in 80s, grew up in 90s. We have best of both world with real life childhood and advent of technology!!! We were the generation that moved from tapes to CDs to MP3 players to Cell Phones to Smart phones!!! Hahaha!!!

  • Aika Loraine

    January 16, 2017 at 11:08 pm Reply

    Yes! 80’s are still millenials. Actually, nalaman ko lang yun when I attended a Train the Trainer session sa office. Hahaha. I was born in the 90s and nakakarelate ako dito. I used to it aratiles when i was young. dun sa bahay ng lola ko. she has an aratiles tree. oh and that Family Computer. Agawan kami ng kapatid ko! Thank you! this post is nostalgic.

  • Stella the Travelerette

    January 17, 2017 at 3:32 am Reply

    I was also born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s. So even though I am American, we have some similar pop cultural references. Of course I remember the Spice Girls! But I think the TV shows I watched were a little different. I liked Carmen Sandiego and Clarissa Explains It All.

  • Maaya Legaspi

    January 17, 2017 at 5:31 am Reply

    I’m a proud millenial too! Despite of all the bad stuff the word “millenial” is associated with, I know deep down inside we are the best generation there is! Lol! (no offense to other generations! :p), but yes, I used to eat aratilis too and the good old days of street plays. Patintero and tumbang preso.. brings back good memories. And family computer.. before playstations and Xbox’s, these were a huge hit!

  • Anna Lingat

    January 17, 2017 at 7:27 am Reply

    Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A B A Select Start; while eating Poms Poms

  • Me-An Clemente

    January 17, 2017 at 10:29 am Reply

    I was born in the 90s, but yes I’ve experienced also the stuff you had mentioned above. What I usually play though instead of patintero is Chinese garter coupled by luto-lutuan. I also love making my friends write in a Slambook. I wonder if the children these days still use one. Anyway, we also listen to music through casette tape in the car.

  • Nadine Smith (Scenes From Nadine)

    January 17, 2017 at 1:50 pm Reply

    80’s / 90’s kids unite! 🙂 I was a huge fan of the Spice Girls! I knew every song by heart and I owned those chunky clogs because I wanted to dress up like them. Haha! I never learned how to play Patintero, though. Is that sad? 😀 Oh, I miss the era of cassette tapes, Archie comics, and boybands!

  • Laura H

    January 18, 2017 at 7:22 pm Reply

    I have to say that even though I was also a 90s baby, I don’t recognise a lot of the shows/things you talk about! I have never heard of Aratilis before, I wonder if we grew up in different countries. I do remember the Spice Girls though so I guess we listened to the same music! Though, they were world famous, who didn’t listen to their music?

  • Mark Nales

    January 20, 2017 at 6:50 am Reply

    I was born on the mid 90s but I want to join! And I want the new FamCom! 🙂
    I really want to share my experience, since 80s had grown up by my time and the tradition still remains for the 90s kids. Ooh, and I love every moment and experiences it gives me those days.
    We love to play, my friends in our street and with my cousins whenever we go to visit them in the province. What ever games available at the time, we will.
    We have a big Aratilis tree in our backyard and it’s fruits, it’s very annoying! It will stick on the ground and the flies will stay there even after we already swept the street. But the taste, it’s really sweet. There are tons of Aratilis trees on our street not to mention the countless accidents happen on each tree, which includes me falling on the same tree at our backyard. Haha,
    We play piko, tumbang preso, luksong baka, tumbling-an (the same with luksong baka, but instead of jumping you will do tricks to overcome the man leaning and the others will follow what you did), patintero, we have the “Bang-Sak” (the same rules applied with hide and seek but instead you will say “Bang” when you find the person and it can be reset when one of the hiders stab (Saksak) the seeker with their hands and saying “Sak”), and other versions of hide and seek where you will throw a can as a start for hiding and when the seeker put the can back in place, he will start looking. We also have a “teks”, a small cards used as tokens for different kind of games, marbles or “jolens”, turumpo (a Filipino version of BeyBlade made with a Guava Trunk), rubber bands, softdrinks cap or “tansan” and the small toys we get when buying junk food in Sari-Sari Store. We will put bolts on its parts so it will get heavy when we use it as a “pamato”.
    I have experienced also using the betamax or the VHS on my own and one of my favorite show back then was the 1995 Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. It was so awesome for me that time and up till now, i a huge fan of these super heroes. Jurrasic Park, of course, and Mr. Bean! I also remember watching Asin at Paminta by Eddie Garcia and BlackJack.
    When our TV broke, it was replaced by a small black and white tv used by Drivers on their Jeep. Man, the struggle is very hard. Whenever the screen become sandy, you need to tap the machine to be clear again. And what I remember the most is watching the Majin Boo Saga in DragonBall Z. The Epic Battle of Vegeta when he’s going to die and the Father and Son moment with Trunks. Also, we have a lot of cassette tapes, but only 2 tapes were used mos of the time. It’s like the Billboard Top 20, but only 2. The Tabo and Timba compilation (A comedy duo like Porkchop Duo) and the one with Barbie Girl by Aqua.
    But we are not that rich, so we cannot afford buying PlayStation, computers, and even a break game (A portable game console). But thanks to my neighborhood, most of them have those so I at least I got my hands on those. Oh, ang sarap maging kapwa! Haha. I get to play with my friends. Contra is my top game but nothing beats the Classic Super Mario!
    Yeah, that’s all. Sorry for the loong comment. I’m sure, some of my Kababayan will remember. 🙂

    • TheWonderfulKind

      January 20, 2017 at 6:53 am Reply

      I knew it! There are a lot of memories of the 80s and the 90s rightt? 🙂 Yep, you can join! Just follow TheWonderfulKind in facebook or instagram. And since you already commented here, just tag two friends in ang post about or related this article in my facebook or instagram page 🙂 Thanks!

  • Nya

    January 22, 2017 at 8:30 pm Reply

    I was born in the 80s too but different countries, slightly different experiences. But I do have fond memories of my childhood. I was crazy about Spice Girls, me and my cousin were always dancing to them haha, we also got their Spice World PlayStation video-game (don’t judge). I love looking back in time 🙂

    • TheWonderfulKind

      January 23, 2017 at 5:10 am Reply

      Hahaha! I wont Nya! Cause I watched Spiceworld the movie with my bestfriend. Hahahaha!

  • Pia Dysangco Villamor

    January 23, 2017 at 4:21 am Reply

    OMG! I love, love love this post! I was born in 1980 (I don’t consider myself a millennial anymore though- hahahaha) so I appreciated that trip back to memory lane! Who could forget the aritiles trees?? And the slam books! I collected a bunch of those – found some when we were cleaning our house and had a good laugh reading through them! And yes, the cassette tapes! My first ever tape was the soundtrack of Karate Kid when I was five.- My dad bought it for me. The first one I bought for myself was a copy of Step by Step by NKOTB! Hahaha. I also used to make mixed tapes by recording music straight from radio stations! I used to hate it when the dj would talk in the middle of the song! Anyway, thanks for the dose of nostalgia!

  • Thet Gueco

    January 23, 2017 at 5:38 pm Reply

    I was born mid 90s but I can still relate. So much feel on this post and it’s just so good to read.

    I remember sneaking out the house during siesta time (which is hours after watching noon time shows haha) to play outside with our neighbors. We play Patintero, Pikong papel or palda, 7UP, Habulan sa bilog, Sili-sili, Langit-lupa, chines garter, touching ball, moro-moro, and 21! Hahaha It’s just so much fun.

    And let’s not forget the food! Mik-mik, zeb-zeb, Rabbit candy (the sweet one), Vital (omg this! hahaha), and nougat! Hayyy. There are not really healthy but it’s our comfort food back then.

    And during wet season we don’t really get scared when there’s rain (we’re actually happy and excited about it) because we can finally play and bathe under the pouring water and even make paper boats and send it through the stream. Children nowadays don’t get a chance to try those because parents are so strict and also because they now prefer the warm comfort of their home with their gadgets on.

    And when dry season comes in we dread for the strong winds so we can fly kites. I’m really not good in making it soar, I’m more of a already-on-the-sky navigator but I’m proud to say that I know how to make kite out of walis tingting (broomsticks) newspaper, and sewing thread. It took me years to make it close to perfection but at least I had the privilege to try and experience it. I wonder if youths still know what kite looks like before market sells those already made ones.

    We are very excited during All Saints Day because of the left over candles! I think children nowadays still collects left over candles but not with the same purpose we did back then. Now children sells it to gain money and others (those who are well of and just want to join the bandwagon) gets and forget all about it once the season is over. We, on the otherhand, collects as many as we can to play Markang Demonyo (it sounds very evil I know but it’s just the name, nothing really creepy or wicked happens when we does that) wherein we gather stock of wood and make fire in the yard and we heat an aluminum container (sardines/meat loaf container mostly) and when the container is hot enough we throw chunks of left over candles on it and it will roar into fire. It’s dangerous so we only do it under adults supervision and they don’t allow little children near the fire.

    Oh and who can forget those times when you try to snatch a dragonfly using your bare hands? And also tying thread on a salagubang because you want to pet it? Hahaha Those are just so good.

    And brownouts are not inconvenient during those times, not really because our grandparents will show their shadow making skills using their fingers and it’s a great way to bond with them! Now, children will be on beast mode when their internet connection got faulty, what more if the powers are down? Sigh.

    These are just snippet and comparison of living in the 90s and 21st looks like and I’m proud to say that I grew up knowing what is essential and what is not. Long live millenials! 😀

  • Shannon Tylen

    January 24, 2017 at 7:58 am Reply

    The 80s! Oh man! Rainbow Brite, Glow Worms, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Super Mario….! I could go on and on. There is just something about being raised in the 80s that sets you apart from other decades. Great basketball and hockey (Go Wings!) How about Arnold Schwarzenegger or Mr.Dress up!?! Thanks for the chance!

  • EG III

    January 25, 2017 at 10:50 am Reply

    We’re rely blessed to be 80s babies. It’s like we’re the “OG’s” of the millennials haha. Hide and seek was my game back in the day!

  • Mirriam

    January 31, 2017 at 6:13 am Reply

    Batang 90’s represent! haha Grabe. Your post gave me a quick tour of my childhood. We even had an aratiles tree in our backyard when I was a kid (today, it’s replaced by rambutan LOL). Sayang. I’m a day late to join your contest. That family computer is something I really want to play. Does it come with Super Mario or Circus? haha

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