They say you dont get older, only better :)And so I am celebrating this day with a grateful heart ❤️ Thankful for family who sticks with me through and through; for friends who may be few but remained true; for motivation to pursue my passions; for a job that open the gates of opportunities, learning, and earning 😋; for new discovered places with my favorite people which is just priceless; and for learning to do everything with love in this gift called life. I amgrateful for 32. 😉

Thanks for all who greeted.. dear family, cousins, relatives, and friends, classmates/batchmates, former and current colleagues, bosses, mentors, people I met due to a shared hobby or passion, blogging friends, acquaintances, and everyone who remembered. God bless us all! 

Boracay Celebrations 

A couple of weeks ago, we attended the destination wedding of one of my favorite cousins in one of my favorite islands..Boracay.  When they got engaged two years ago, they knew they had to get married at the beautiful island.

So, our family went and celebrated the union for a few days. I also celebrated my pre-birthday here! Since it is a time Ill be off from work and a quality time with Dad who is going back to YVR after a week.

So happy to see people from Canada, Manila, and Singapore gather for our favorite Singaporean couple. The couple had surprised us with a welcome pack containing a welcome letter and some beach goodies.

I missed the island! Last went here in 2014 after our own wedding. My cousin’s wedding just added a reason why I love Boracay. I love it for so many sentimental reasons. 😜

It is actually my first time to attend a beach wedding (yeah I just realized that). We had wedding rehearsals organized by their wedding coordinator, which was so fun because I almost know everyone invited lol. I was telling my husband that if we got married again we might choose a more intimate celebration haha. 

Chilling with the cousins while waiting for the wedding rehearsals at Discovery Shores

We, ofcourse, prepared for a surprise bridal shower for the bride held at their suite. 

Come the wedding day, we gathered to the venue for preparations and the celebration dubbed as #yeoletgetmarried by a brilliant mind (ehem ehem your truly lol) 

The ambience just fit the love vibes in the air. 

DIY by the Father of the bride. Amazing Seatplan Idea.

Congratulations to the newlyweds- my cousin Em and my new cousin because of this union Jeremy! Thank you for making us part of one of the most fun weddings ever! 

Revisiting Dagupan

Finally, I am able to post about our Wedding Anniversary slash Labor Day vacation.

I wanted to share about my paternal side’s province Pangasinan, specifically Dagupan.
We stayed (our second time) at a small but cozy Lenox Hotel.

We are four (4) and we just paid almost 4k for an overnight accommodation with breakfast! We stayed at their newly renovated rooms and glad we got the last one since it was Bangus Festival.

Coming from Baguio before our Dagupan stay, we went straight to Matutina’s for dinner which was located at Tondaligan beach, Bonuan. Ahhh Seafood and more at our favorite. 

Other must go to places nearby:
Manaoag Church

Beaches at Bolinao