Revisiting Dagupan

Finally, I am able to post about our Wedding Anniversary slash Labor Day vacation.

I wanted to share about my paternal side’s province Pangasinan, specifically Dagupan.
We stayed (our second time) at a small but cozy Lenox Hotel.

We are four (4) and we just paid almost 4k for an overnight accommodation with breakfast! We stayed at their newly renovated rooms and glad we got the last one since it was Bangus Festival.

Coming from Baguio before our Dagupan stay, we went straight to Matutina’s for dinner which was located at Tondaligan beach, Bonuan. Ahhh Seafood and more at our favorite. 

Other must go to places nearby:
Manaoag Church

Beaches at Bolinao

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  • Angelie

    October 8, 2017 at 1:36 pm Reply

    I have so many amazing childhood memories in Dagupan! And yes, I have a photo with Our Lady of Manaoag too. Haha! It has been a tradition to visit one of their beaches during summer, have our car blessed at the Our Lady of Manaoag church, and buy lots and lots of dried fish and dried squid!

    They have the most affordable oysters too and their milkfish are simply amazing!

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