Message to Dad

I had a message for my mom last mom’s day and ofcourse I have to have something for my Dad too.

Let me start not with a message but a story from his childhood to show how awesome he and his growth game is. His mom went to heaven when he was just four. When he was around 9 or 10 he already tried working on the streets. Not that he was forced to but he wanted to show that he can do it even my lolo provides for him and his other siblings who also eventually got married again. He sent his self to college as a working student. He wanted to be a lawyer. He married my mom in his 30s and became a dad because of an adorable little baby — me. Hahaha. 😜
That did not stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a lawyer. I remember back when I was kid and he studied and took the Bar Exams, we were so proud when we learned that he passed! I think in time before our youngest was born. Imagine all the nights he would study and review and still had the energy to carry me just to put me to sleep when I was little. Because that was my bisyo (vice) to be carried to be put to sleep,lol. 

He worked for the Public Attorneys Office for a decade I think. I would joke him that if he should just work for corporate companies, and we are probably rich by the time I was in college. Lol! But, I know that he chose PAO as he really wanted to help people because he knows the feeling of someone in need. There are times when I could not understand why he had to defend some people branded as “suspects” . My close minded brain and mouth then would think.  And he would immediately correct and scold me  to remind me not to be judgmental of others since being a suspect still means they are not guilty of anything. His early years taught him how to deal with different people from different walks of life. He even brought me one time to work because of an urgent matter and he had to pick me up from school (college na ko nito guys lol) and I admit I was very surprised at how the job can really be challenging and humbling at the same time. His stint there has also taught me a lot of things.

At home, he is the joker hahaha. But, when were kids, he is much stricter! He seldom gets mad but when he does Im sooo afraiiiid. Lol. But, he became cool dad when I started to work. He would still bring me to the office from time to time when I was single. Even at midnight! 

He puts premium to education. He and our mom  would sacrifice things just to give us the best. And I hope we make them proud now that we have all graduated. 

He is the best! He lets me do things on my own but reminds me of the consequences which is why I feel that I am in control of the life I live. He often reminds me to treat people with extra kindness and patience (I think he still thinks I am stubborn lol) . Wag lang paabuso (just dont let them abuse you). One government employee, I am sure who worked having integrity. I am one proud daughter. 
He also sacrificed his career here (even bowling career lol) to migrate mainly for my brothers future. But, he waited for me to get married to reside accross the miles hahahaha! (feeling). He deserves the best. He is our favorite travel buddy and weekend date. Yes, much more now than I am married. If only we can spoil him and mom that much. ❤️

I am happy to spend fathers day with you 🙂
God bless and we love you! 💚


I believe Filipino cuisine should be highlighted and made even more popular now. With all the history and different gastronomical emotions behind each food, the world is lucky to taste it. I was telling a friend that Pinoy desserts are underrated but deserves to be on a centerstage of its own. The variety of kakanins (sweet delicacies), pastries, and breads we have to offer, there is just a lot to share to the world.

This was affirmed when I came across Senyor Juan, the home of the original and espesyal Suman Latik which offers it’s distinct Suman taste and variety of flavors! Yes, aside from the original Suman Latik we love, they put a modern twist on it by offering different flavors such as Chocolate, Langka, Leche Flan and much more!

And boy, it is sooo good! My officemate who does not eat Suman at all, was glad to taste their Langka and Leche flan flavors.
Each store or kiosk of #SenyorJuan offers the variety of Suman and refreshing drinks! The Mangosteen and Dalandan flavors of their juices compliment the food they offer. Super good combo!
In addition, they also offer Kapeng Barako and Chocolate Tablea which can be equally great alternatives for the partner drink of the flavorful suman.

Have you tried #SenyorJuan Suman Latik lately? Loved their Espesyal Langka (the one with Ube toppings) and Espesyal Leche Flan (the one with nuts)!! I love it! Definitely the good old Suman Latik with a tasty twist.

They’re good for pasalubong too. Let your family and friends try it! 

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Disclaimer:This is a sponsored post by Senyor Juan

Message to Mom

“Out of all the moms in the world, I am so glad you are mine” 💕 

Happy Mom’s day to the queen of our home and our hearts.❤️ I will always look up to your journey on how dedicated you were to reach your dreams and how inspiring you are as a person. I know you worked for your success not only for my grandparents then  but also for your future family.. us. I will forever admire how you managed to have a successful career and still became a hands on mom to us. Never failed to be with us every step of the way, every milestone we had. Superwoman indeed! And as if it is not were willing to sacrifice a career/role where you are at the top, just to give more opportunities for us to chase our own dreams and ambitions. 
Even if miles apart, your presence is still felt. You are still that protective and caring and sometimes kulit mom. Haha! 

We will forever be grateful for all your sacrifices and care. You never fail in showing your kind heart to us. We are far from perfect. I, myself is stubborn enough at times I must admit. But, your understanding is something you will always give. Thanks for all the tips and tricks and advice I use in my everyday life. In most cases, if not all, you are right. 🙂 More importantly, I now know that you are always there. That is why I know you deserve nothing but the best! Hope the ways we show our love will somehow reach what you deserve to receive. 
Thank you for all the things you have done to us…. especially teaching us to be God fearing citizens of the world.
If given a chance to choose a mom in a another lifetime, I will still choose you as my Mama❤️🌺I am sure my brothers will do too (and Jess too as his new mom). I am so proud to be your daughter! ❤️

We love you! God bless! 

Cieri and from all of us


Happy mothers day too all the moms in the world. To the loving mamas (and double hatting grandmas, aunts, and papas too) who give love to their kids not only by putting us into this world, but more importantly for raising, guiding, and give their kind hearts to us. ❤️