Teacher for a Day

So I fulfilled one of my childhood dreams today.. to be a teacher! LSGH invited my husband and I to be speakers. I am soo proud that we were able to experience it for the kids. Sam was very proud too, I think lol! A story of taking an off from a day job to experience an academe type of work, yay! 


My colleagues and I chanced upon the Philippine School for Interior Design (PSID) exhibit last week. With the theme for the year’s exhibit as #PSIDGold, the students and professionals presented various of designs with “golden touch” as showcased in the different booths in the exhibit. 
Some of my favorites were :
1. Neo Archipelago, which showcased a modern luxurious resort style bathroom featuring touches of Philippine culture. Ahhh, if only I can have it in my home! 

2. I also loved the Contemporary Neoclassic room which I basically claimed as my future “work from home” room haha! The room looks like a cozy working room of Miranda Priestly! 

3. And I just met my dream entertainment room through the Modern Art Deco booth. The Great Gatsby-ish glam of the room is neutralized by the functionality of its elements for that homey-and-cozy movie nights at home feeling. 

There are a lot more to see and experience in the exhibit! 

Just also wanted to share that this blog is about inspirations and pursuing of passions especially for working women (and even men). I have met working women in this exhibit who, despite the corporate jobs they have, decided to study Interior Design and fulfill a lifelong dream! 
Catch the PSID exhbit at the Uptown Mall in Taguig until October 31. Admission. is Free! 

 #GetWhipped for Free!!

So I have been telling you guys in my previous posts that I am trying to scrimp a bit on my expenses as part of my lil project for myself;and to make up for my expenses for the earliest part of the year. I have lessen my “pamper” time activities. But, I still do have it when I need it and deserve it! But, I try to be fair and refrain from giving in to the voice that says I deserve it everyday hahaha. Otherwise, I will not fulfill my goal.

This weekend is the time I NEED to go to the nail salon. I only have my nails fixed by the salon for my pedi since I do not trust myself doing it haha. And I had some minor incidents before wherein it was not properly cleaned, got wounded and I had to put a bandage huhu. So, I am willing to pay a lil extra for that. Buuuuuuut, this post is not about that hahahaha..Going back, this post is about my recent waxing experience for my lower leg (which I am supposed to get as a package with my nails service. Since I know that it is also really the time to do so lol. 

My husband suggested to try the salons we saw last week and we chanced upon – which is Whipped! They offer purely waxing and body scrub services. We went to their Shaw (Cherry Foodarama) branch. Annnnd just when my husband was about to treat me..surprise! Whipped Sugar Waxing and Body Scrub salon offers free trial of services they offer! And just what their poster says..THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!

So it pays to have generous husbands as sometimes they can give their supposed treats absolutely free! LOL! 

I had to do my nails separately but it is totally fine. And even I wanted to keep this as a secret – so I can always book with them to get a schedule (kidding!!), I am sharing this to all of you. You can try their services for free up to October 15! I had my lower leg done and eyebrows for waxing. As if I havent said it yet, it was for FREE! Whole body packages for the waxing and scrub services are not included in the promo. But, it is still awesome right?!

It is actually my first time to try the cold wax or sugaring and I love it! It has less pain for me and it is organic. 

And I also have a good news for my South friends..yay!! I am glad cause I love the south and will be a forever southie..’cause the attendant told me they also have an ongoing promo with their Southpark branch..so yay!!!

Their flagship branch at the BGC (Burgos Circle area) also offers their signature services but is not included in the promo.

Whipped Salon branches with promo:

2nd level, SM Cherry Foodarama, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong

GF, Ayala Southpark, National Highway, Muntinlupa