IWD Series : Everyday Makeup Basics and String Art

As the third and fourth installment of our International Women’s Day/Month series of activities/self-organized events with officemates, we learned how to understand Everyday Make Up Basics courtesy of Joyce. Then, we also learned some String Art techniques by Ian and Shirley.

Everyday Makeup

Just learned I got hooded eyes lol

I personally learned a lot of tips during this session. I am not a make up person. But, I would like to learn how to do just the basic makeup techniques for everyday use and (finally) apply it. I have attended several sessions before but there were new techniques taught during this session especially the tips on face shape and eye shape. I also love the eyebrow techniques because I really do not know how to shape my own! Our teacher was also generous enough to give us free kikay tools for our brows.

Our pretty teacher Joyce

Kilay is Life

String Art
H of my Home

The first time I heard about string art, I really do not know how it is being done.

So, when I googled what to expect, I got overwhelmed with the designs! Lol. But, I got excited to attend as I would love to give it a try even I am with my not so artsy self. And I am glad I did! I was amazed by the talent of our facilitators (who just learned the craft through Pinterest) and the talents of my office friends as well. I never thought I could try making one. We used pins and styro materials instead of the actual nails and wood. But, at least we know how it is do the string art. I noticed it is better to use bright colors for better results. It is also more challenging to use cursive words as pattern but my companions are just talented. Look at Maricel’s “work of love” (photo below). 
Happy to share these in my post. I set up this blog to really document and share experiences of a working woman (with a dayjob) and how she still values outside work liketravels, quality time with family and friends, and even passions such as these. I have always believed that it is important as a woman to continuously improve and celebrate her individuality and enjoy life despite the many roles she has.

What else can my friends and I share and learn as new skills or passions? 🙂 

IWD Event : Calligraphy, Watercolor, and Typography 

I learned something new this week at the office. As an International Women’s Day Event, our unit’s employee engagement champion organized several small activities for us women. One session focused on :  the Calligraphy, Watercolor, and Typography lessons. I am glad to share bits of the experience. After all this blog is about working women (or even men!) like me who finds and share their passions, finds life balance and just sharing positivity through experiences like different lifestyle non-work activities. 

First off, Rachel taught us how to do Calligraphy. I am not good at doing artsy stuff haha and this includes calligraphy. But, I always want to learn something new and at least try doing new things. I must say doing those strokes require patience aside from talent hehe. I am so amazed at my office friends’ talent! I was just acually there for the fun and food haha kidding! But seriously, it is a good form of de-stressing and a nice way to discover our own style. 
I personally loved the watercolor segment. Maybe because my not-for-arts strength are not evident haha. It’s like playing with colors and designs. I just love mixing and experimenting the colors which is so amusing. Thanks to Mitchi for sharing styles and techniques on playing up the colorful designs which can be used as a background for calligraphy styled words.
Then, Lish taught us about Typography or the art of putting or organizing words and other characters together. She talked about the Do’s and Dont’s. I have learned about how important Kerning is or the spacing of characters. I use Canva for my blog and Instagram account sometimes so this is a big help.
It was a noon/afternoon gathering full of fun and new learning. 

Have you learned something new lately? Share about them through the comments below. 

Happy International Women’s Day: Cheers to us! 

A woman knows her worth.Sometimes she’s a princess, but more importantly she can be the queen of her own life, her own world.

She fails but more importantly she rises.

She is a daughter, a friend, and sometimes a sister, wife/partner or a mother. 

She’s a mother by blood or by heart (sometimes even single handedly) or a mother to a lot more – those who become the mothers of their communities.

A woman is a lover and also a fighter.Sometimes she’s hurt or burned out. But, she can always use the pain to grow and rise above. 

She smiles even when she is tired. She cried if she can not hide. And that is fine. Because she can smile and laugh again just after some time.
Sometimes she is judged by society for her looks, her weight, her age, her views, her choices. But, it is always up to her to live a happy life she chooses because she knows she is not hurting anyone else. 
She can do multiple things; she has multiple skills.

Others doubted her, but she can prove them wrong.

She is kind. She is gracious. She is the homemaker. She is the girl boss.
She is a creator and a maker. She is a dreamer and an achiever. 

She can be quiet but can voice out her ideas. She is a believer and a doer.
She can be anything she wants to be. The world will not be the same without her. She is a woman. đź’–