Workshops for the New Year and New You

Hi dearies. It’s the start of the year. Remember those little list of yours with goals and bucketlists? Does it include learning something new? Last year I dared myself to learn the things I wanted to learn previously but was not able to  and learn new things I never thought I would want to explore on learning. I guess thats the thing when you are in your 30s lol. You realize how time flies and just silently blurt out in your mind “how did i miss that chance and time in my teenage years and in my twenties?!” Lol!
I am always a believer of new and continuous learnings. So last year I finally crossed out that goal that has been on my list for almost a decade now! Lol! I finally learned how to drive. Okay, not an expert yet! But, at least I was able to drive in Manila! That must be really something 

I have also joined #GetBlisstified workshops facilitated by Martine De Luna and Kimi Lu. I was just looking for a class to help me go back to blogging and this workshop gave me more than that!

So, now that I have been thinking of new things to learn and possible classes to take, I searched on the web, Instagram, Facebook groups etc on upcoming workshops and classes that might interest women or people with a dayjob or just simply people who like to learn something new like yours truly. Loves, friends, colleagues, and readers here is the list of interesting workshops I saw (most are from late January to February):


1.#GetBlisstified Workshop

Yes. This is the third and fourth run of the blisstifying workshop I attended last September. It is about passion projects (an advocacy, self improvement, blog, business etc) you wan to pursue or complete. Let Martine and Kimi help you with this journey.

When and Where : Jan 25 (The Henry Hotel, Pasay) and Jan 28 (Local Edition, Makati). Both are scheduled from 2pm to 5pm

Contact : Kimi Lu – Viber: 09174930722

Me with Martine and Kimi. Photo by Myra Ho of Amari Moments

2. Celebrate Your Purpose

This is a workshop that aims to discover a deeper meaning of your purpose in life. This is Protons Workshop facillitated by Life Coach Kimi Lu and Motivational Speaker Marianne Mencias. Interesting isnt it? I would love to attend this but already have plans o the said date. Awww. That is I am sharing this for those who might be interested. I think this will be one purposeful and fun workshop. Contact details provided for more information.

When and Where : February 4 at Local Edition, Makati

Contact Kimi Lu – Viber : 0914930722

Photo from KimiLuLifeCoach ‘s Instagram Account

3. Calligraphy and Brush Lettering

Guess what? This one’s virtual and for free. This is a quick video tutorial from The Bucket Kraft. All you have to do is like their page in Facebook! This happens every Tuesday.

Contact: The Bucket Kraft Facebook page

Photo From TheBucketKraft ‘s Instagram

4. Watercolor Essentials + Brush Calligraphy

This is facilitated by Calligraprints by Cielove. It includes tote kits, manual, materials etc.

When and Where : February 25 (10am to 3pm) St Marc’s Cafe SM Nort. Also check their Instagram account for other sessions.

Contact Details:

Photo from Calligraprints Instagram



Born in the 80s; Grew up in the 90s 

I am proud to be born in the 80s! After all, we are the millenials. Yep, you can google that some say the millennial group are those who were born starting in the 80s. So in Tagalog, “uy, pasok pa ko dun! ” (Im still included) haha! 

I am grateful for having a happy childhood. 

After all, they say it is the most importat phase in Developmental Psychology. So, it will be one of my great blessings I can say.
My mom was a bit overprotective but my dad was the one who let us experience things so we have to learn first hand.

I am grateful to have cool cousins and friendly neighbors of my age so after school I have this play hour or hours to enjoy Patintero, Taguan (Hide and Seek), and other games we used to play in the streets. I am not the sporty type but I love to play Touching ball or otherwise known as Dodge ball. Who can forget the other Filipino games like Tumbang Preso and Luksong Baka. Hahaha!

Photo from
My brother, who is four years youger than me, was the adventurous one. So he would tag me along so we can stay longer outside the house to play. To the kids of the 90s, do you still remember the fruit called Aratilis? The one we used to get at our neighbors who have the tree. We did not even think if the fruit is poisonous or what. Haha, but it tastes good! 

Photo :
“We do not have Facebook back then, what we have was a Slambook” one of closest friends said. And I was like “yes!”. The book where you say that “Love is blind” or your favorite food was “too many to mention”. Right? 
And TV Shows! Who can forget about Shaider (and Annie!), Masked Rider Black, and Bioman? My husband was telling me he watchdd all these haha. How about Macgyver? 
As a kid, I also loved Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley books. Long before Twilight, Harry Potter etc, I go to bookstores for Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield haha. 

Another friend of mine reminded me that cassette tapes was our Spotify back then! Who would not agree? I remember getting my first cassette purchases which were “Circus” of Eraserheads and “Spice” of the Spicegirls. Bwahaha! I do not have the a cassette of the Backstreet Boys though. BUT, there was a time that our school bus driver plays them almost every single day and we find it cool haha.Boy, that was two decades ago! 

These are only some fond memories of my first decade in life. I forever bring these for reminiscing and conversations in the office, during meet ups and even casual story telling. It’s good to’flashback’ right? Ooh nostalgia! There is more to that “Wayback Wednesday” or “Flashback Friday” or “Throwback Thursday” when I remember these years.
Are you also the so called “Batang 90s” in Filipino? Born in the 80s and Raised in the 90s? Let me know your fondest memories by commenting below or by sharing your response via the social media contest! I am sure you’ve got tons of it! 
Who knows you might be the lucky winner of something thats making a comeback 🙂

Here’s how:


1. Follow @thewonderfulkind either in Instagram or Facebook

2. Comment your response  in this post below on your best memories of 80s/90s.

3. Tag two friends in the comment section  of the related post in Facebook or Instagram

*Contest runs until Jan 30. The chosen winner with the most creative response will be announced by Jan 31st. Not affiliated with any company/brand for this contest. 

(open to Philippine Residents only)

Ping Gu Mushroom Fries

At a kiddie party we attended, there were several party carts– vegan party carts at specifically as the host family is vegan. But, one party cart caught my husband’s attention : the PingGu Mushroom cart. When we tasted their Mushroom Fries, we were surprised as it tasted like Chicharon! No kidding! We tried several dips and eveything go well with the fries. 

According to the owner Ping Gu means Oyster Mushrooms. Incidentally, Ping is also the owner’s first name. 

My husband was stalking PingGu’s whereabouts (way back 2014) and learned that they have a stall at the Legazpi Sunday Market in Makati. We just make sure to drop by early as the mushroom fries get sold out by noon or sometimes even before noon. 

And as if our addiction is not enough, I decided to message Ping Joven (owner) to get their food cart for my husband’s birthday as one of my gifts. It was an intimate party so we had more mushroom fries to ourselves hahahaha! Jess was surprised and told me it was one of the best gifts ever haha. 

There were people who messaged me inquiring how to contact PingGu for their parties too. Some were moms who wants to get Ping Gu for their kiddie parties and some were health buffs who believe in the benefits of mushrooms (which is a thing especially in alternative medicine).
We also got him for Sam’s birthday and guests have been inquiring about it too.
From time to time, we drop by his pop up kiosks in bazaars and weekend markets.
We have tasted similar creations such as mushroom chips and mushroom chicharon. But, nothing is better than our favorite crispy mushroom fries 🙂
If you wish to try what we are raving about, check out Ping Gu Mushroom Fries at the San Juan weekend market on Saturdays and at the Legazpi Sunday Market. 1 cup of goodness is only Php 100.

For parties, Ping Gu caters for Php 8,000 good for 10kg of fresh mushrooms to be cooked at the venue and freshly serve as crsip mushroom fries to your guests. It can be good for 100 to 200 pax.
To know more about Ping Gu Mushroom Fries check out: 
Ping Gu’s Facebook account
or Instagram : @pinggumushrooms

Overnight in Seattle

We planned an overnight stay in Seattle (yes we were not sleepless lol) when we visited our family in Vancouver. 
It is just a few hours drive from our Greater Vancouver home but it was just my first time. Unlike our spontaneous trip to Portland (in my previous post), we planned our trip to Seattle. We booked Four Points by Sheraton at Downtown Seattle (booked in advance for 210 USD). After reading reviews, we thought this hotel has one of the best locations as it is just 2 minutes away from Space Needle. After all, we want to maximize our stay. Aside from that, they have parking space for the vehicle we rented in Vancouver. This is good to consider especially those who just want to do a roadtrip or a quick getaway. 

After our Portland day tour, we arrived Seattle at 10pm that night. It was too late to tour the city with our energy haha. But, we managed to grab some late night snacks which happened to be near the Space Needle. It was my first time in Seattle, so seeing this famous landmark just made me giddy. 

Four Points by Sheraton

The next day, we headed towards the main  Seattle Center. We checked out the Space Needle again during the day and it is just as amazing. It is also just nearby the Chihuly Garden and Glass, an exhibit center and museum showcasing the works of Dave Chihuly. We also bought some souvenirs located in the area. For a basketball fan like me, how can I miss looking for the “Key Arena” which is the former home of the NBA Team Seattle Supersonics.

Magical Rainbow isnt it?

We drove for about seven minutes to drop by Pike Place. It is the market center of Seattle. One can find variety of items.

There are fresh produce, fresh beautiful flowers and many more! Once here, you can already visit the famous “Original Starbucks” (yep, the first Starbucks Coffee) which is located here. It is always full of people though. There are a lot of locals and tourists in the area so it is better to plan ahead and be cautious with your belongings. And speaking of a lot of tourists, there was a group tourists who seem to be part of a game. While, paying for the parking, they approached us as Sam is holding a map. Incidentally, one of the “tasks” they need to do is to have a picture with someone or some people holding a map. Its cool to meet new people during travels isnt it?

We also tried to catch the Boeing Museum of Flight before heading home, which is just an hour and twenty minutes away from Downtown Seattle. But, it was already closed at 5:45pm. There were also other visitors who wanted to enter but were late like us. We will definitely come back. It is a good place to go when in Seattle as it it is not everywhere that you can have a museum featuring how airplanes are made, how it is engineered etc. 

There are also a lot of outlet stores in Seattle. Before heading home, we dropped by Seattle Premium Outlets in Tulalip (northern part of Washington). 

Portland Day Tour 

Portland is not a huge city like other cities in the US. But, it’s neighborhood, artsy, and unique feel made us fall in love with the place. Our trip was not planned. We were spending a night at Seattle when we just suddenly decide to go to the not-so-nearby Portland since it is just a few hours away via I-5 highway. 

Our last visit was last November and it was still Autumn. I love how the colors of the season seem to partner well with the city’s vibe. Walking along Chapman Square, with all the fall color, is just one of the beautiful things we did. One woman we met said we arrived at a gorgeous day! 

People are friendly. They readily give suggestions where to eat and voluntarily taking us picture around downtown upon learning we are tourists.

Foodtrucks! Food trucks are famous in Portland with almost every corner accessible to one around town. From Middleeastet to American food.. there are a lot of choices available.
We had lunch at Jake’s Grill. Almost everyone suggested to head for lunch here. There are two Jake’s Grill – one famouse for seafood and one for steaks (the newer one) . Since we are just near the latter when we got hungry, we decided to dine there. Food was good, I can say.

There are a lot of cafe’s, ice cream shops, and artsy corners around. Who can miss the Portland streetcar? This is also known as a common means of transportation here.

My 2016

Photo by Jojo Fuerte

 My 2016 in a nutshell: Opened the year with a blessing – welcomed new year att my 2nd home with the family and attended NYEVAN. Truly  blessed for this experience.

Learned how to drive – finally!

Was able to go to an Easter trip with family in Singapore and Malaysia

Summer beach trip in Bataan with some of my gurls

Had staycations and quick day trips in between

Went back to Canada and was able to explore Alberta!

Toured the two states in the US – Portland and Seattle.

Spent more time with relatives and friends.

Was able to finally revamped my blog ( and was able to be a part of #GetBlisstified workshop for this passion project.

Photo by Myra Ho

Met new friends because of going back to blogging! 

Had more flexible work arrangements in the office.  Coporate job pros, raise your hands yeah?

Learned a new hobby – learned how to dance jazz – beginner/ level though lol.

Thank God for a Joyous 2016. 

A Lovely New Year to All! 


Being grateful is one of the things I value this year. Also, Did you know that according to a “gratitude researcher” Dr. Robert Emmons, PHD – being grateful improves psychological health? So I want to share gratitude by doing a humble giveaway project within my blog and microblog here in Instagram by giving away two Grateful Jars from GratefulJar.Ph which comes with Moti stickers from Pluma when I bought it from Common Room Ph ! 🙂 This is to celebrate having a new home  my blog and at the same time helping the #iamgrateful attitude in my online (and offline) community to multiply.

Side story : I have learned about the Grateful Jar when I joined the #GetBlisstified workshop facilitated by Martine De Luna and the creator of GratefulJar.Ph Kimi Lu. I was fascinated with this creative way of spreading gratitude and positivity. So, I decided to celebrate it throught this little giveaway

How to join?
1.Follow the IG account : @thewonderfulkind

2. Read this whole post at and comment below your answer to the question “What are you grateful for?”

2. Go to the Instagram post on “Gratitude” and tag 2 people you want to give gratitude to for sharing precious moments with you this year (could be a significant other, family, colleagues). It is up to you if you want to put a short message to them in the comment or just say your word of thanks personally 🙂

Two winners will be chosen on December 30th! Best comments/responses will also be featured in a blog post.
Joining this contest mean you are agreeing your username to be used in the blogpost.
What are you waiting for? Lets practice the attitude of gratitude! 💛

Vancouver Lovin’ with “Sayhuitolove”

Vancouver City View from Granville Island

I was able to go to the city I now call my second home because of my family living there.. Vancouver. Vancouver is beautiful as it is but Autumn shows a different beauty of the city. 

My stay was extra special for a lot of reasons and one of it is having the chance to connect to one of the Vancouver bloggers I have been following months ago: Grace Hui of Instagram : Sayhuitolove

Her post which caught my attention was her post in Yellowknife, BC. Her photos were amazing! Makes me want to go someday too. I have followed her blog < > and Instagram ever since.

To do something new in my blog, I thought of interviewing Grace not only because she is a fellow blogger, but because she also has a day job like me and having this warm and cheerful personality, I can say that she is the perfect person to ask about first hand information for my readers of a place she calls home, the lovely city of Vancouver. So, here it goes:

ThewonderfulkindCan you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

Grace HuiI’m Grace, and I work as a Digital Marketing Manager for a local web design company here in Vancouver. 

My blog is 50% personal and 50% public. By that I mean, my blog is an evolution and a true reflection of myself. As I grow, my blog topics will continue to grow. It’s currently at a point with a strong focus on beauty, career / digital marketing, and wellness. ​​ 

TWK. Describe how did you first get into blogging?

GH: To be honest, I had several blogs before. One was a food blog called sunnysideup when I worked in Ottawa for 8 months and had a lot of time on my hands after work. Soon after I started a personal / DIY blog called ouihui. Now I’ve moved over to I wanted this blog to not simply be about my thoughts but act as a resource for people. Whether it’d be advice, recommendations, reviews or the latest deal. I want my readers to find it as a resource and let it be an open environment for discussions.

TWK: I saw in your profile that you have a day job if I am not mistaken, how do you manage your day job and your blog?

GHThat’s correct! I work Full Time, and frequent barre class around 2-3 times a week after work. I do have to admit that maintaining a blog and weekly content is a struggle (as it is for me at the moment). However, if I do have time, the key is to plan out content. Start with several categories and see what topics can stem from each category. Plan them out ahead. It is challenging, but  am trying to keep up to it. A good resource for stock photos that don’t look like they’re from the 90s is unsplash!  From time to time, I will get sponsored posts from wonderful local companies and these posts help feed my content calendar when I’m stuck on planning! 

 TWK: What specific type of blog is your blog? Travel? Lifestyle? 

GHMy blog is primarily Lifestyle at the moment, when I do get the chance to travel more I would love for it to evolve into that. It might change as I get older, but right now it is more of lifestyle.. Travel, Wellness, Beauty blog.

TWK:.Also,How would you describe your blogging style?

GHMy blogging style would be casual. I want the tone to be as if I was talking to a friend and I want it to be heard / read as authentic as well. If it’s something I don’t enjoy, I will either not write about it or provide my honest opinion about the topic. 

TWKAs a Vancouver blogger, what can say is the best thing about Vancouver?

GHThe best thing about Vancouver would have to be the vast variety of restaurants. The city is extremely multicultural that we have food from nearly every part of the city and some are quite authentic as well. This is definitely a treat for us in Vancouver.

Vancouver is a great place where you can also do water sports, outdoors etc.

TWK. When is the best time to visit Vancouver?

GHThe best time to visit is July – September. We often get late summers 🙂 Outside of those months you will be almost guaranteed to see rain at least once a week. 

TWKWhat are the top spots that tourists must visit in the city?

GHIf you are an outdoor enthusiast, then definitely do check out Whistler in the winter and Garibaldi Lake in the Summer. Those are two of my favourites (They are a bit outside of Vancouver but worth the drive up!) 

If you are into Shopping, I would recommend Robson Street and Pacific Centre for all your essentials.  However, West 4th, Main Street, and Gastown are also cool areas to check out! Their stores are more local and you’ll find some cute hard to find items as well.

Also, go seawall baking at Stanley Park. 

TWKWhat is the best food/ restaurants in Vancouver

GHWell, I love tacos and Ice cream. My favourite Ice cream place is definitely Rain or Shine and my favourite Taco place has got to be La Taqueria. But if you are looking for recommendations, Scout Magazine is a good starting place for getting to know up and coming restaurants!

TWK: What are the best things to do or try in Vancouver?

GHBest thing to do in Vancouver is to walk around on foot! If you are in Gastown, or Downtown. Everything is accessible by train or by foot! That’s the best way to get around. Our city is more or less in a grid, so it’s difficult to get lost in. In the summer, I would highly recommend biking along the seawall. It’s a local favourite of mine and I never get tired of it. Or if you are ever wondering what is all the hype about Yoga, well, we are home of Lululemon pants so do pick up a class at One Yoga in Gastown! You may fall in love with it.

TWK: Other recommended Vancouver bloggers to follow?

GHGrace of Gracedwithstyle and camille of cmllxfrncs. 🙂


Thank you so much Grace for being an inspiration for me personally in this blogger life and for the hospitality you have given me during my visit 😀


Here are some snippets from my Autumn 2016 🙂

My first time to experience Autumn. 

” O Leonardo, where are you? ” In those where “The Revenant” is filmed.
Autumn Colors

The blogger pose. Lol
Grouse Mountain, BC


                                                                                            Granville Island


                                                                  White Rock, BC